What Is The Gold Casting Process?

Gold casting is an integral step in the jewelry-making process. Designers and jewelry stores utilize this technique to take a concept or design, create a cast, and eventually produce a physical representation of the finished product.

Here’s the following process for gold casting:

Wax Model & Gold Casting

 The design is used to carve or print a wax model that will accurately represent the finished piece in three dimensions. The wax model is connected to a wax stem via a sprue, forming a channel through which molten gold will be poured when the mold is ready.

Investment In the Gold Casting Process

The wax stem and the connected models are positioned in a flask, a special frame, and then covered with an investment material. When the investment material has been set and hardened, it forms the mold for the jewelry.

Burnout In The Gold Casting Process

 Once the investment material has been set, it is placed in a kiln to eliminate the wax, resulting in a cavity within the investment material that serves as the final mold.

Melting In The Gold Casting Process

Gold can be melted down at temperatures ranging from 1,617 to 2,006 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the alloy or type of gold used. To create different alloys with varying colors and hardness, gold can be combined with other metals such as silver, copper, and palladium.

Gold Casting

 The liquid gold should be poured into the mold with precision, as various techniques may be employed to enhance the quality of the casting. Centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting and pressure casting are techniques that can be used to ensure that the gold is evenly distributed within the mold.

Divesting In Gold Casting

Once the metal cools, it needs to be removed from the investment material. This can be done through physical or chemical means. Each casting is cleaned and polished, and the sprues are cut off for recycling.

Choose The Right Jewelry Casting/Gold Casting Company

Jewelry designers and stores may opt to cast their own gold jewelry, yet this can be quite a laborious and intricate process. Utilizing a gold casting company, such as Lukas Casting House, permits them to craft distinctive jewelry pieces without having to master the complicated and tedious casting procedure.

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