Jewelry Polishing

Clean and Flawless Results

Jewelry polish processes involve more than just washing a piece of jewelry of dirt and grime. In fact, it can require many different levels, including removing undesirable marks, reviewing the custom jewelry piece under a microscope for flaws, and even rubber polishing for extra shine!

For your convenience, we host three jewelry polishing levels. This way, our clients can receive the exact jewelry polish service required for their specific projects. Choose between our three levels of jewelry polishing, or Contact Us for our expert-level advice.

Jewelry Polishing Levels:

  • Basic: For our basic level, we remove any unsightly marks and charge $10 (per gram) over the casting price.
  • Intermediate: Our intermediate jewelry polish level includes removing undesirable marks and reviewing your product under a microscope. In addition, we rubber polish them up to level 500 to really bring out the shine. We charge $20 (per gram) over the casting price for this service.
  • Advanced: We recommend the advanced jewelry polishing level for most projects, as it guarantees you will receive the amount of shine you are looking for from your pieces! This process involves removing undesirable marks, reviewing your pieces under a microscope, and rubber polishing them up to level 1000. In addition, your piece will receive a final brush cleaning and final polish to elevate the look of your jewelry! We charge $35 (per gram) over the casting price for this service.

Reach out to us for a Free Quote regarding our exquisite jewelry polishing solutions. An expert member of our team will be happy to chat with you about our prices and levels of services.

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