Diamond Setting

Beautiful and Secure Results

With a laser focus, our diamond setting masters are adamant about creating custom jewelry that is reliable and durable while also being beautiful. Whether you have your own diamonds that you need us to set or if you would like to work with us to order stones, we treat every diamond or gem like the precious stones they are.

Diamond Setting Prices (for Round Stones):

  • Pave Setting:8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • U Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • Prong Setting:8mm -2.3mm $1.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $2
  • French Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $7 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $9
  • Bezel Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $3.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $5
  • Channel Setting:8mm -2.3mm $3.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • Shared Prong Setting: 0.8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $5
  • Center Stone Setting: 0.8mm -2.3mm $25 per carat
  • Eagle Center Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $35 per carat

From diamond ring settings to diamond necklace and earring settings, we are happy to apply our services to any form of custom jewelry you need! Reach Out to us for more accurate pricing if you have a stone that is a shape other than round.

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