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Jewelry Casting

Efficient and Accurate Products
Wax pattern of jewelry ready for casting

See your vision transform from a casting wax pattern into a solid gold, silver, brass, or platinum piece of jewelry! Our jewelry casting services are known for being accurate, resulting in cast jewelry prices that are durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

In fact, our jewelry casting process ends with our advanced electrical dampening system, which was specifically made for Lukas Casting House clients. This casting jewelry machine eliminates porosity and any other flaws or issues, such as printed lines.

Our time and money-saving process is beneficial to our clients as it reduces the number of steps the jewelry castings go through before they are deemed sellable.

Our Casted Jewelry Metals:

  • White Gold Casting (10K, 14K, 18K)
  • Rose Gold Casting (10K, 14K, 18K)
  • Yellow Gold Casting (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24k)
  • Silver Casting (925)
  • Brass Casting
  • Platinum Casting (950 Mixed WIth Iridium)

Our custom jewelry experts offer regular casting and special casting prices at reasonable labor and material costs! It is our goal to keep jewelry casting prices as cost-effective as possible for our clients while maintaining top-notch services and products.

Reach out to us for a Free Quote regarding your next casting jewelry project. A professional member of our team will be happy to review our prices and help you start the process of casting your jewelry.

Some Of Our Work

Jewelry Polishing

Clean and Flawless Results

Jewelry polish processes involve more than just washing a piece of jewelry of dirt and grime. In fact, it can require many different levels, including removing undesirable marks, reviewing the custom jewelry piece under a microscope for flaws, and even rubber polishing for extra shine!

For your convenience, we host three jewelry polishing levels. This way, our clients can receive the exact jewelry polish service required for their specific projects. Choose between our three levels of jewelry polishing, or Contact Us for our expert-level advice.

Jewelry Polishing Levels:

  • Basic: For our basic level, we remove any unsightly marks and charge $10 over the casting price.
  • Intermediate: Our intermediate jewelry polish level includes removing undesirable marks and reviewing your product under a microscope. In addition, we rubber polish them up to level 500 to really bring out the shine. We charge $20 over the casting price for this service.
  • Advanced: We recommend the advanced jewelry polishing level for most projects, as it guarantees you will receive the amount of shine you are looking for from your pieces! This process involves removing undesirable marks, reviewing your pieces under a microscope, and rubber polishing them up to level 1000. In addition, your piece will receive a final brush cleaning and final polish to elevate the look of your jewelry! We charge $35 over the casting price for this service.

Reach out to us for a Free Quote regarding our exquisite jewelry polishing solutions. An expert member of our team will be happy to chat with you about our prices and levels of services.

Some Of Our Work

Diamond Setting

Beautiful and Secure Results

With a laser focus, our diamond setting masters are adamant about creating custom jewelry that is reliable and durable while also being beautiful. Whether you have your own diamonds that you need us to set or if you would like to work with us to order stones, we treat every diamond or gem like the precious stones they are.

Diamond Setting Prices (for Round Stones):

  • Pave Setting:8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • U Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • Prong Setting:8mm -2.3mm $1.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $2
  • French Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $7 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $9
  • Bezel Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $3.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $5
  • Channel Setting:8mm -2.3mm $3.5 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $4
  • Shared Prong Setting: 0.8mm -2.3mm $3 per stone 2.3mm-3mm $5
  • Center Stone Setting: 0.8mm -2.3mm $25 per carat
  • Eagle Center Setting: 8mm -2.3mm $35 per carat

From diamond ring settings to diamond necklace and earring settings, we are happy to apply our services to any form of custom jewelry you need! Reach Out to us for more accurate pricing if you have a stone that is a shape other than round.

Some Of Our Work

Jewelry Repair

Quick and Durable Services

Replacing broken jewelry pieces can be quite expensive! Instead of selling your broken pieces or letting them sit untouched, why not get them repaired? From diamond bracelet repairs to pendant repairs, our custom jewelry experts are ready to take on any challenge.

We take pride in being well-rounded masters in our field; as such, we are confident in our ability to provide fast fix jewelry solutions. As there are many areas in which a piece of jewelry can break, jewelry repairs require attention from a trained professional.

Our Jewelry Repairs Include:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Jewelry Cleaning
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Prong Repair
  • Clasp Repair
  • Stone Replacement

Whether you need a ring repair or a bracelet repair, we’re happy to assist! We understand how precious a piece of jewelry can be to an individual; therefore, we handle each item with the utmost care and attention.

It is our goal to return your once-broken jewelry fully repaired, polished to perfection, stronger than ever, and ready to be worn once again! Reach Out to us with specific information about your jewelry repair needs, and a member of our team will be happy to provide an accurate quote for the work

Jewelry CAD Design

Innovative and Professional Solutions

Our CAD design services were created to promote creativity, innovation, and extraordinary jewelry designs. Using the files or documents you provide, our custom jewelry designers will produce accurate sample renderings.

We thrive on working with clients who are just as passionate about custom jewelry as we are! Check out the three simple ways you can connect with us to relay your project ideas, vision, and requirements.

Send Us Your Ideas:

  • Email our CAD jewelry designer directly at with a model image and an explanation of your ideas and requirements.
  • Email our CAD jewelry designer directly at with a digital or paper drawing of your requested design.
  • Upload an image of your design directly to our website!

Once we have sent you the initial rendering of our jewelry design, you can request changes that will be applied to your final version. Our jewelry CAD designer will return your final rendering in STL 3DM-formatting files along with two rendering images.

At that time, you can request more pictures for $15 each or even a jewelry CAD video for an additional cost of $50. Depending on the dynamics and complexity of your design, your service can cost anywhere between $75-$300.

Please allow our expert CAD jewelry designers 2-5 business days to complete and send your images or videos. Reach Out to us with specific information about your jewelry CAD design needs, and a member of our team will be happy to provide an accurate quote for the work

Some Of Our Work

Wax Printing

Convenient and Cost-Effective Services

Start your custom jewelry project by having your idea wax printed! Based on the STL file you send us, we’ll 3D print your jewelry design in wax. Our printing process typically takes around 24 hours, and we can begin printing right away if you provide the design.

As a note, if you do provide your own design, we ask that you include Sprue in your CAD file to ensure a seamless process. We are happy to provide Sprue in your file for an additional $15 if it is not included in the file you sent our way.

Notably, the Sprue you provide must include standard casting and provide measurements in millimeters. If there are any issues from the file during printing, we will make sure to be in contact with you to ensure any problems are addressed immediately for your convenience.

Our jewelry wax printing processes start at $5 and can go up to $500; as such, it is recommended that you consult with one of our wax printing professionals for an accurate quote. Reach Out to us with specific information about your custom jewelry wax printing project, and a member of our team will be happy to consult with you and provide a quote for the work.

Some Of Our Work

Mold Making

Precise and Long-Lasting Solutions

Have you created a marvelous jewelry design? Would you like to be able to duplicate that design in the future? Jewelry resin molds are the perfect way to preserve your design and make sure you can copy it in the future. Making jewelry molds with a 3D printer requires the expertise of an experienced professional.

Here at Lukas Casting House, we understand how valuable and precious your custom jewelry ideas are to your business. Therefore, our resin jewelry molds are mindfully created with precision to ensure you can accurately duplicate your designs over and over again for years to come.

In addition, our custom jewelry molds are made from durable resin or metal material that is both reusable and long-lasting. By having a custom jewelry mold made of your design, you can rest assured knowing that you will always have a way to duplicate your best work.

Allow our jewelry mold experts to take the lead on your project so that you can receive the exact, error-free mold you need. Reach Out to us to receive specific information about our jewelry molding process, and a member of our team will be happy to consult with you and provide directions and a quote for the work.