If you are looking for How Much Does It Cost To Clean Jewelry ,then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

If you have jewelry which you want to keep using as you love it, you must also focus on its longevity. If it’s not taken care of, it will wear off. The shine and luster can be lost along with its integrity. Just like any other thing we clean to keep, jewelry must also be cleaned to keep it intact. Cleaning is required to maintain it.

But it’s a common question asked by people that how much does it cost to clean jewelry. In this comprehensive guide, the methods used for cleaning jewelry will be discussed along with their costs and a generalized cleaning method will also be provided. Let’s learn more about it!

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Jewelry; Why To Clean It?

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Jewelry; Why To Clean It

When you have jewelry, it must be cleaned like any other adornment. It’s not just to make sure it remains shiny all the time but also to ensure its longevity. As time passes, any jewelry piece accumulates dirt and oils over it. It leads to a residual buildup which makes its appearance dull.

Therefore regular cleaning is necessary to ensure its luster remains regardless of the usage. It also helps in preventing corrosion and tarnish. The cleaning is necessary for precious metal jewelries which are made of silver and gold. 

Sometimes the gemstones also become dull and cloudy due to the residue and need cleaning. If the jewelry is stored, sometimes there is damage and loose stones which go unnoticed.

Regular cleaning helps in inspecting them and these issues can then be resolved which will prevent further damage that may otherwise lead to costly repairs. When jewelry is being worn, there is residual buildup on it which contains sweat and bacteria. Cleaning it will remove it and make it more hygienic. 

A Generalized Jewelry Cleaning Process 

To start the cleaning process, the first step is to inspect and assess the jewelry. Not all metals and jewelry pieces can be cleaned in a similar fashion. So, it’s important to see the metal and associated gemstones to analyze the most suitable option for cleaning. 

The pieces cannot be cleaned unless there’s a cleaning solution. Therefore the next step is to make it. Most of the jewelry can be cleaned by using a warm water and dish wash soap solution. Harsh chemicals should be avoided while developing a cleaning solution because it can damage the metal. 

A Generalized Jewelry Cleaning Process

Once the cleaning solution has been developed, now the jewelry pieces should be submerged into it for some time. When the pieces are soaked into the solution for a few minutes, it aids in cleaning them smoothly without leading to any scratch or damage.

A Generalized Jewelry Cleaning Process

After a few minutes, the pieces can now be taken out for scrubbing. A gentle scrub using a soft bristled brush should be used. If there are cervices then these places should be given special attention as dirt gets accumulated in narrow places. 

A Generalized Jewelry Cleaning Process

Once the cleaning has been done, and you are satisfied with the results, you can now wash them under the tap water to remove soap residues before drying them. After the washing, a lint free cloth needs to be used to dry them up as it will not scratch the surface. Sometimes, after drying, people use a polishing cloth for an extra shiny surface. 

Types of Jewelry Cleaning

Types of Jewelry Cleaning

A Generalized process of cleaning has been provided but many methods are available in the market which can be tailored to different materials and the condition of dirt on them. These include the simple soap and water based cleaning, polishing cloth for polishing metals like Silver, Platinum and Gold, jewelry cleaners that have been specifically developed to clean jewelry pieces, ultrasonic cleaning where sound waves are used to clean jewelry pieces by reaching inside the small crevices, steam cleaning where high pressure steam is utilized to remove dirt and last but not the least are the home remedies which includes the utilization of toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar. But these remedies are usually abrasive which can damage the jewelry.

Costs Associated with Cleaning


Jewelry becomes dirty with time. Dirt, oil and residues accumulate over it and it becomes unhygienic to wear. Therefore, its cleaning becomes necessary. It’s essential to maintain its shine and beauty. It may lose its luster with time. A generalized method of cleaning jewelry is simple where soap and water is used to clean while gently brushing it with a brush and washing it with simple water.

However,  it’s not the only method used. Many others like polishing cloth, steam cleaning, jewelry cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning are the techniques that can be used too. But these depend on the level of dirt and the metal type. The cost effective methods are the home remedies but they can be abrasive. That’s why it’s important to choose an appropriate method as per the requirements.


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