The making of jewelry is itself an art. However, the way it’s made matters. It can be made through various methods. Just like personalized jewelry and the commercial ones, there’s a difference between handmade and cast jewelry too. When jewelry is being made to achieve a similar shape in the end then what is the difference between handmade and cast jewelry? It’s a question which often arises in the minds of people. Both these methods result in stunning pieces of jewelry but the techniques they follow are fundamentally different from each other.

Each of these techniques have distinct characteristics and it’s crucial for artisans and customers to understand the differences between these two methods before they dwell into its making process. In this comprehensive guide, it will be answered to remove all uncertainties related to this concept.

What is The Difference Between Handmade And Cast Jewelry; Handmade Jewelry

what is the difference between handmade and cast jewelry handmade jewelry

Before we move towards the commercialized process of jewelry making which is none other than the casting method, it’s important to learn how the handmade jewelry pieces are developed. The handmade jewelry is made only using the hands. Artisans and skilled professionals who are responsible for developing them will use some basic tools just to give shape to it.

These tools also help in soldering and assembling the individual elements required for jewelry making. As there isn’t any sort of mold that is being used, special attention is required to shape and mold each piece into the desired form. Various techniques are used like the wire wrapping, forging and soldering. These techniques help in modifying and molding the metal and assembling of gemstones to create a unique piece.

Handmade Jewelry Process

handmade jewelry process

The process of jewelry making by hand can be divided into 4 major steps; designing, fabrication, finishing and final touches. The designing phase is where the artisan decides what they want to make and what material they would choose for it.

After that, in the second phase of fabrication the metal is prepared by cutting it into desired shape. If the jewelry consists of different pieces of metal then soldering and welding are performed to join them together.

If gemstones are to be added then the professionals will add them  by using techniques like bezel, etc. Texturing and detailing of the metal is also done. In the third phase of finishing, steps like polishing and cleaning are performed. All the imperfections are checked here and the quality is ensured. Final touches include engravings or customization as per the customer needs and its packaging.

Cast Jewelry Process

cast jewelry process

Cast jewelry is made by using a mold. These are commercialized jewelry pieces and are usually made for the purpose of creating bulk pieces. The process is rather simple if the mold has been already created as the artisan would only be required to melt the desired metal and pour it into it.

cast jewelry process image

It solidifies and takes the required shape. However, if the mold isn’t available, then the first step is to start with a model which will be required to make the mold. The mold is then used to create the same piece multiple times without any difference with perfection.

Features of Handmade And Cast Jewelry

features of handmade and cast jewelry

Difference Between Handmade And Cast Jewelry; Handmade jewelry is popular because of the uniqueness which it provides for its customers. It is priced for this feature. The handmade jewelry is highly customizable because the piece is in the hands of an artisan and they can mold it the way they want. They can tailor it to meet the requirements of their customers. 

This feature attracts customers as they can get whatever they want. On the other hand, the cast jewelry lacks this individual and customized touch. Although the process does have some sort of customization for the users but it’s limited to only a certain alteration. Even the designs are limited too because it’s used for mass production.

When it comes to the durability of cast and handmade jewelry pieces, the latter has an exceptionally higher quality in terms of durability. Because the artisans pay great attention to all steps and details, the piece which is created is indeed a masterpiece that meets the high standards. Cast jewelry pieces ensure consistent quality because the molds and process which is used is always the same. However the quality of pieces differ based on the material which is being used. The durability isn’t guaranteed because the pieces are created in bulks and they lack the specific attention of an artisan.

Though the handmade jewelry is slightly imperfect as compared to the cast jewelry, it has a comparatively higher value because of its organic nature. The cast jewelry pieces have aesthetic appeal but they lack individuality which comes from the raw handmade work. In terms of price, as handmade jewelry pieces require time and skills of a person, these are priced higher than the casted jewelry. The labor costs associated with jewelry making are reduced in the casting process therefore this method is affordable.


Difference Between Handmade And Cast Jewelry; Jewelry making is an art but has various methods through which it can be produced. Two of these include handmade and cast jewelry. The choice between these two methods depends on the customer. Although they lead to exclusive pieces, the techniques they use are different. For instance, in handmade jewelry the entire piece is made using the hands. But in cast jewelry, a mold is involved.

The handmade has comparatively more value because it brings individuality but the cast jewelry lacks it. It’s used to produce pieces in bulks for commercial purposes. They also provide only a limited customization for users. In terms of price, handmade is more costly because of the time and skill investment of a professional. Both of these methods have their distinct characteristics and appeal which attracts customers differing in their preferences. Some prefer organic touch whereas others are interested in more refined pieces. No matter what type and method, both of these contribute to the rich tapestry of the jewelry world.

Handmade jewelry

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